DMP’s Community-Oriented Activities

DMP’s community-oriented activities include 4 hostels, the "Metallurg" Sports Center, The "Locomotive" Resort Facility in Yurievka village on the Azov Sea’s coast, the "Metallurg" Seaside Resort Facility in Sedovo village, and the Steelworkers’ Entertainment House available for use by the plant’s staff and the city residents.

DMP’s hostels accommodate over 800 employees of the plant. Apart from the above, a hotel facility is currently under construction to provide future services for the plant’s customers, visitors and guests coming to the plant on business from other cities in Ukraine or from other countries.

In use since 1958, the DMP’s "Metallurg" Stadium facility accommodates a grass-covered football field, along with a multi-purpose playground, and contains 3,547 seats for the fans. At that stadium in July 2002, the "Metallurg" footfall team won The Bronze Award in the All-Nation Cup competition to join the three Ukraine top football teams, with just "Shakhtyor", Donetsk, and "Dynamo", Kiev, ranked higher. Not only are plant’s employees welcome to enjoy facilities and services of the stadium but also other residents of the Leninsky District, as well as those from other districts of Donetsk city are equally welcome. Annually, over 45,000 people visit.

There is a well developed public catering service network at DMP. Each of its canteens and cafés has up-to-date cooking and customer care facilities.

There are 5 medical examination and first aid posts at the plant, which provide an examination of each plant employee’s health status on a regular basis, as well as to render the first aid service to those injured or fallen sick.

The cost of a place at the plant’s "Metallurg" and "Locomotive" Resort facilities are substantially reduced for those working at the plant and their families. The resort facilities are complete with everything required by those to enjoy their stay there for holidays.

The "Metallurg" Resort’s site comprises 7 living buildings and cottages containing two-bed and three-bed rooms, complete with utilities, a sauna, billiard, physical exercise equipment, video cinema hall, trampolines, dance pavilion, swimming pool, library, side-show equipment, water bicycles and boats, parking lot.

In the plant’s Entertainment House, there are 10 experienced amateur performance teams, including honoured "Zarevo" and "Zarnitsa" Dance Troupes, as well as "Visavi" Ballet Group. This is also a good and frequently use place where celebration meetings, parties, discotheques, festivals and other special-purpose events of the plant’s, district and city scope levels are conducted. The "Prosvetshenye" Learning Center works at the Steelworkers’  House, too, to deal with regular publishing of "The Source of Life" and "My Being Happy" Orthodox Church magazines. Since 1928, the "Melallurg" periodical is regularly issued at the plant.

DMP’s House of Culture DMP’s House of Culture
A view of DMP’s seaside resort facility in SedovoA view of DMP’s seaside resort facility in Sedovo