The Rolling Mill Department

DMP’s Rolling Mill Department consists of Plate Rolling Mill and 3 section mills, as follows: the 250 Small-Section Mill, as well as the 350 and 400 Medium-Section Mills. Each of the above facilities is of the in-line type.

There are roll stands arranged in 2 mill trains at the 350 and 400 Rolling Mills, with one intended for the cogging and the other used for the finishing rolling operation. The 250 Bar Mill contains 3 mill trains, intended for the cogging, roughing and finishing rolling respectively.

The rolling mills are fed with the 135 x 135 mm billets, 1.5 m long. Each rolling facility is complete with a treatment furnace intended for pre-rolling heat treatment of the semi-products.

Traditionally recognized as high quality products both nationally and internationally, with a unique-width of their mix range, the rolled items produced by the plant are always of a high demand of the customers.

In operation since 1953, the 2300 Plate Rolling Mill incorporates one two-high and one three-high roll stand, with three treatment furnaces used for the slab heat treatment purposes.

A view of the 2300 Plate Rolling MillA view of the 2300 Plate Rolling Mill
A view of the 400 Medium-Section MillA view of the 400 Medium-Section Mill