Blast furnace shop

Blast furnace of the PrSC “Donetskstal-metallurgical plant” produces high quality cast and pig iron. The shop hasxml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • two blast furnaces (1033 m3 volume) each

Blast furnace #1 got started after the first degree repair in 2007.Blast furnace #2 started after the first degree repair in 2002.The newest world technologies were effected on blast furnaces # 1 and #2 – transition to 4 column horn supporting system instead of 7 column, with tuyere quantity increasing up to 16; new casting yards with full chute covering and effective dust and gas aspiration system while discharge; using modern programmed devices and PC for process managing and control. This innovations have not only increased iron production 3 times, but also improved sanitary-hygienic figures on working places, and excluded blast furnace production over-normative emissions to atmosphere.

Both furnaces use coal powder blowing technology, which lets to fully reject of natural gas using while blast furnace cast.

  • ore yard, equipped with two ore-grab re-loaders;
  • 7 air-heaters, providing two furnaces work;
  • casting machine section (equipped with tree casting machines);
  • magnesium iron de-sulfuration utility;
  • installation for coal fuel preparation and blowing

The installation complex has grinding section and two dosing departments. All managing of coal powder fuel preparation ,and grinding technology process is carried out by automatic control system, assembled on programmed controller bases. For dust emissions decrease, the multy-step gas-cleaning system is functioning ,using cyclones and hose filters by “VELEX-LTD”, which gives the dust level in cleaned gas not more MPC (20 mg/m3).

  • central exhaust station

Central exhaust station got into effect in 2002, and it is meant for sanitary cleaning of aspired gases from dusty casting yards coverings equipment, collection, accumulation and short-term catched dust storage.

Central exhaust station reliable work decreases dust emissions to atmosphere.

  • sprinkling pool and reverse cycle pump station for blast furnaces water supply.
The Blast Furnace № 2The Blast Furnace № 2
Iron is being casted into ingots by weight of 15-20 kgIron is being casted into ingots by weight of 15-20 kg
The Blast Furnace № 2, furnace workers assay of iron The Blast Furnace № 2, furnace workers assay of iron