Improvement of Production Processes

DMZ’s Multi-Purpose Production Improvement and Development Policy Action Plan for years 2002-2010 includes modernization of and further improvements in rolling facilities and the support departments (Heat & Energy Plant, Oxygen Plant, Scrap Yard, Foundry, In-Plant Railway and Truck Transportation). The goal is a better performance of the production facilities at lower energy and material consumption costs. Every action or event included in the Action Pan is to be carried out with no interruption to or output decrease in the plant’s production performance. Each of the Action Plan items will be implemented on a step-by-step basis, with better efficiency anticipated as the end result.

In addition to a projected increase in the steel production output and a decrease in the product costs to be arrived at through a higher rate of the capacity achieved, the All-Plant’s Production Modernization and Improvement Program also aims at a wider mix range of the rolled products. DMZ will be launching new grades of special-purpose steels, which will provide higher quality (i.e. more competitive) finished products via employment of the up-to-date production processes and environmentally friendly process equipment improvements.

  • The Plant’s Production Modernization and Improvement Program focuses on the following:
    • modernization of the 250, 350 and 400 Rolling Mills aiming at improving a quality and a wider mix range of the products, with product lengths increased up to 12 meters;
    • modernization of the finishing and cutting equipment to result in a higher quality and yield of the rolled items;
    • modernization of the 2300 Plate Rolling Mill aiming at a wider mix range, higher quality and a production capacity of 400,00 tons of plates per year;
    • construction of the plate heat treatment facility to provide plate annealing and normalization processes in combination with ultrasonic inspection of the products;
    • improvement of the plate finishing facility equipment to concentrate on burrs and wire edges removal, as well as on improved product marking and packaging procedures.
  • Energy Sector:
    • actions aiming at lower costs, decreased losses and trouble-free supply of the plant’s production facilities with oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air, and steam.