USSR collapse and economy connections breach between enterprises had a negative effect on many Ukrainian plants activity. The DMZ collective remained standing at this time. A new thin walled pipes shop was built and started at own expenses in 1994.

In 1996 during, the privatization process the DMZ was transformed into OJSC “Donetsk metallurgical plant” .The realization of the investment project started in 1997, according to which “Metalsrussia” company (Great Britain) invested in electric furnace complex of the DMZ and equipment for electric furnace and blooming modernizing. The new high –alloyed grades of steel were introduced in the plants assortment.

The plant began to function in the context of “Special economic zone and special investment regime on territory of prior development in Donetsk region” law since September 1998. Corporative investments were engaged during this project realization. Thanks to this, the Italian “Danieli” company metallurgical equipment, which was at least 4 years ahead of European analogs, was introduced on the plant.

That was the end of 1999, when mini-metallurgical plant “ISTIL-DMZ” was formed, as a result of OJSC “DMZ” restructuring, it was created on electric furnace shop and blooming bases.

A CJSC “Donetskstal” –iron and steel works was formed in 2002, on blast furnace and open hearth shop bases. The complex “Program of technical re-equipment and strategic development of the plant” is being realized for more then 10 years. It is directed on resource-saving technologies, creating of ecologically clean production and high quality and competitive products producing.

Some innovation projects were realized in the context if this “Program...” in 2002-2007.

They were:

  • one of the most modern European and CIS blast furnaces- the blast furnace №2 with coal powder blowing unit was started after the first degree repair (May 2002);
  • a unit for accelerated cooling on rolling mill 2300 ,for getting a required thick sheet roll mechanic characteristics was engaged( February 2002);
  • bottom open hearth neutral gas blowing technology was involved on four open hearth furnaces (March-August 2002);
  • the new induction casting complex for copper and copper based alloys was installed in casting shop (March 2002);
  • the ladle-furnace unit was built in open hearth shop, the capital repair including first world continuous caster modernizing was done (July 2003);
  • the system of automatic managing of cast heating mode had been effected on open hearth #5(2004);
  • a new technology of blast furnace cast, using different coal powder fuel grades mixture was introduced on blast furnace #2, that increased coal powder consumption and stopped natural gas usage (2006) The plant was the first (and now the only) metallurgical plant in Ukraine, to settle a blast furnace cast without natural gas usage technology;
  • due to the new technology on blast furnace №2, which was based on using coke of a better quality (“Premium”),the production of the furnace increased on 15% , coke specific and absolute consumption had decreased on 10% (January 2006);
  • a first stage of power plant modernization had been done, that let to considerably increase own power production (2006);
  • the blast furnace #1 was blown after first degree repair ,equipped with coal powder unit (March 2007);
  • modern sizing-sorting complex for slag working was built and started (2007);
  • the reconstruction of steel casting production began, anticipating electric arc furnace DSP-150 building (September 2008) including infrastructure reconstruction, in particular the oxygen plant (2008).
Over 8,000 people are currently employed by the CompanyOver 8,000 people are currently employed by the Company