Donetsk metallurgical plant - leader of the native economy

The plant’s production has exceeded the pre-war level in 1950. At the same time the DMZ (Donetsk metallurgical plant) was the first works in the world, to effect a system of vaporizing cooling of open hearth furnace elements, which was successfully used in future for cooling of the hot elements in open hearth, blast furnace and rolling process. The director of the plant Baranov K.V. and the head of open hearth shop Glazkov P.G. were awarded State USSR premium for effecting this innovation.

Rolling mill 2300 was put in commission in 1953. Two blast furnaces 1033 m3 volume each were put in commission- #1 in 1956 and # 2 in 1957.

On July 11th 1960 the first in the world industrial continuous casting machine (UNRS) was put into operation in open hearth shop. The project of the machine was done by “Giprostal” institute. Experience which DMZ cumulated in UNRS usage became the basement for continuous casting process rapid development all over the world.

In 1960-1965 the group of scientists from Kiev automation institute and Donetsk polytechnic institute together with plants’ specialists, has developed and put into effect UNRS automation systems which controlled the raw of casting technology parameters- such as the level of steel in intermediate ladle and crystallizer, basic and full billet length, the secondary cooling zone control. This system was acknowledged as a standard for UNRS and was used on other plants.

For the first time in Ukraine the nature gas was used during blast furnace cast, and the group of plant’s specialists lead by director Yektov I.M. were awarded Lenin’s premium for that in 1960.

The technology of powder materials open hearth tub blowing, which had been developed by DONNIICHERMET institute, was put into effect in 1969.

The works director Yefimenko S.P. and main master of rolling mill 350 But N.A., was awarded State Ukrainian premium for developing and implementation of rolling mill rollers making technology in 1978.

Some new technologies were introduced on DMZ in 70-s.Including: out of blast furnace desulphurization, steel refining in ladles by self-melting synthetic mixes. Two electric furnaces were put into effect from 1978 up to1980.First in Europe coal powder blowing machine was built in the blast furnace shop in 1980. A group of plant’s specialists, some project and scientific institutes were awarded a State USSR premium for introducing this technology in 1984.

The general DMZ reconstruction was over in 1985 with starting a new complex for synthetic slag-forming mixes producing and with building a new shop for rolling equipment repair.

1953 view of the 2300 Plate Rolling Mill during its first rolling1953 view of the 2300 Plate Rolling Mill during its first rolling
1979 view of Electric Arc Furnace producing its first heat1979 view of Electric Arc Furnace producing its first heat