XX century – the century of changes

By year 1910 the plant had 6 blast furnaces, 9 open-hearth furnaces, coke furnaces, 25 heating and annealing furnaces, 2 Bessemer converters, rolling mills- blooming, rail and structural, sheet and some section mills, auxiliary shops.

In the pre-Revolutionary times world famous metallurgist worked in the blast furnace shop they were Mikhail Konstantinovich Kurako (from 1908 till 1913, from 1909 – the head of the shop) And Ivan Pavlovich Bardin (from 1913-the head of the shop).

In 1916 the plant made 24 millions poods of iron (1pood= 16,380496 kg.) on 4-5 modernized blast furnaces out of 6 existing. The steel production had increased up to 14 million poods, rolling products – up to 18 million poods, coke – up to 22, 5 million poods.

On January 24th 1918 Presidium of Highest Soviet of people’s economy made a decision on nationalizing the plant of NOVOROSSIYSKOE SOCIETY.

During the civil war time the plant was completely destroyed. In May 1920 the Central heavy industry administration came to the conclusion, that the plant should be closed. However by the end of 1921, the works on Yuzovskiy plant start and recovery had started. On May14th 1922 the blast furnace #2 began to blow and sheet iron mill started. Two furnaces in the new open-hearth shop, 8 furnaces in the old open-hearth shop, rail and small section mills, the blast furnace #4 came into effect during 1923.

By 1928 the main kinds of the production level achieved 1913 mark. During following years the production capacity was constantly growing, and due to that in the middle 30-s the position of the plant among all Ukrainian metallurgy was: iron -14, 9%, steel-11, 4%, rolls-12%.

By the 40-s beginning Stalino metallurgical plant specialized on highest steel grade production. Steel maker Leonid Kuzmich Bubnov works this time in the open hearth shop; he initiated the high speed casts up to orders- that are accordingly to steel chemical composition, ordered by the customer. Steel makers all over the country came to study Bubnov’s L.K. experience.

In the 1941 the plant had: 4 blast furnaces, 8 open hearth furnaces, three rolling mills 250,350,400, blooming 900/710, sheet rolling mill 750 working.

Feeding of the new Open-Hearth Furnace in 1912Feeding of the new Open-Hearth Furnace in 1912
Startup of the Blast Furnace № 5 in 1925Startup of the Blast Furnace № 5 in 1925