Environment Protection

PSC ”Donetsk metallurgical plant” and PrSC “Doneskstal - metallurgical plant” pays much attention to preservation of the environment, to rational usage of the nature resources, and to implantation into plants activity the elements of the new ecological culture.

The role of the nature – preservation plant’s unit is affected by certified department of preservation of the environment. The plant’s specialists systematically control: wastes and emissions of polluting elements into ponds and atmosphere, effectiveness of gas and water cleaning systems work, pollution elements content in the working zone air on  working places of the plant’s shops, effectiveness of ventilation system work, metallurgical wastes movement, take instrumental measurements of noise, vibration and light on working places. The modern control devices-including electronic gas-analyzers are used for environment monitoring.

PSC ”Donetsk metallurgical plant” and PrSC “Doneskstal - metallurgical plant” provide considerable investments to preservation of the environment and realization of nature –preservation activities.

In 2007 the modernization of the blast furnace #1 was over. The works were affected on covering the places of iron and slag tapping with gas cleaning system built in 2002.In 2007 the blast furnace # 1 started to operate. Due to equipment of casting yard of blast furnace #1 and #2 with gas cleaning system, with most modern dust catcher and bag filter-the pollution into atmosphere decreased .

The automation systems were also presented on power station boilers and heating furnaces of 2300, 250,350 and 400 rolling mills. Those systems let to optimize burning process, and due to that to decrease emissions to atmosphere by 5-10 %.

The reconstruction of power station was over, aiming to full usage of blast furnace gas. In 2009 for producing 149935 thous. K.W.H of own electricity the 550000 thous. M3 of blast furnace gas was used.

Except this, the following actions were done during 2010-2011:

  • the automation control system for the furnace # 1 (2300 mill) was set up , this let to decrease emissions on 98,4 t/year;
  • The ecology heat-technical test for all fuel using aggregates was done, that allowed to decrease carbon monoxide emission level by 5-10%.

Now the works on massive program fulfillment- for the open-hearth method to electric arc method (the most preferable for ecology situation improvement in the city) change are on the way. Not only all demands of Ukrainian ecology laws, but European norms were considered.

The open hearth furnace # 4 was shut down in September 2008, and open hearth furnace # 3 was stopped in July 2009 for the purpose of site developing for the electric arc furnace construction.

On April 12 2012 the last melt was done in open-hearth shop, and all the furnaces were completely shut down. This decreased the emissions in 2012 on 1093 tones in comparison with 2011.

The new arc-furnace is now being constructed.

The planned time of electric arc complex start– 2013. This will let to decrease emission levels almost by two times (by 3,5 thousand tones per year).

The main factor of metallurgical production is using of big volumes of water for technological purposes. This water usage is surely connected with negative impact on water objects adjoining the plant. With the purpose of economy and rational fresh technical water usage, the production water supply of plant’ shop is mainly organized on circulating and repeated bases.

The main volume of production waste waters,  upper and drainage waters are dropped to river Kalmius and its inflow through the system of mechanical cleaning. The plant has 4 organized dropping points for reverse waters in nature water objects

For minimizing the influence of the production activity on the water objects, the measures are being developed on much more full usage of water in circulating cycles and decreasing of the polluting elements emissions. Thus, for polluting elements concentration decrease while tapping # 3, and for achieving MPC on oil products and suspended matters, a separator for oil products catch and was installed in 2012. Storm discharges of Arc-furnace shop in the area of tapping # 1 were cleaned .And in complex of steel casting production modernization works, which is now on the way, there is a point on water supply system reconstruction for main productions, aiming the tapping #4 liquidation.

The using of wastes according to nature preservation laws and sanitary norms is one more direction of the plant’s nature preservation activity. The stress is done on maximum waste use and low-wasted technology introduction.

The slag-processing unit AMCOM (1 million tones per year capacity) is run into exploitation in 2009; this allows to process not only currently formed slag, but the stocked one also. The steel containing product, obtained on the unit, is bracketed and goes back to production. Slag part in the form of fractional crushed stone is sold to outside enterprises for construction needs.

The perspective is to process all currently formed and stocked slag and steel containing wastes, this will decrease man-caused load on Polezhakov dumps and near by territories. The works on Polezhakov’s dumps sanitary-protective zone accomplishment were finished in 2009. The actions on Polezhakov dumps planning and re-cultivation (in Zavodskaya str. district) were finished in 2010 according to second stage of sanitary dumps protective zone organization. The last stage of Polezhakovo station re-cultivation and planting is finished also.

Now the project of dumps leading to ecologically safe state is on the way. This includes planting, construction of pond for collecting and mechanical flows cleaning. This will decrease harmful influence in the area

Our plant is yearly controlling the soil on hard metals contamination in the sanitary protective zone.

Basing on the stationary mode-observing holes and upper water tests, the contamination of underground water in Polezhakov’s dumps sanitary-protective zone is controlled.


The territory of the plant and near by regions planting is being done each year.

In 2007, the PrSC “Donetskstal – metallurgical plant” was one of the first metallurgical branch enterprises, to introduce the integrated quality, ecology and protection of labor management system according to international ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Re-certification integrated system audition took place in January 2012.TUV NORD CERT representatives recommended , in particular, to issue an accordance certificate for ecology management standard ISO 14001:2004. This certificate is an evidence of the fact, that the plant not only produces highly-competitive product, but also pays attention to production process security for the environment. 

Successes of the plant in nature preservation work have not left unnoticed.

In the upshot of yearly All-Ukrainian competition “Ecological quality and security”, which is led by Ministry of nature preservation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and All –Ukrainian social organization “Living Planet”, PrSC  “Donetskstal – metallurgical plant” was recognized as a winner in nomination “Ecological quality and security of production” twice (in 2006 , 2007 and 2011).

In the beginning of 2010 PrSC  “Donetskstal – metallurgical plant” was recognized as laureate of All-Ukrainian project “Ecology, environment and nature use in Ukraine” for introduction the new ,ecologically secure, technologies. This project is led under the patronage of Ministry of nature preservation of Ukraine and Supreme Council of Ukraine Committee on questions of ecological policy, nature use and Chernobyl disaster aftermath liquidation.

1 “Ecolinks” Programme is intended for the Central and Eastern Europe, as well as NIC and in funded by the USAID agency.

Roses grow within the plant’s siteRoses grow within the plant’s site
The “Alive To Those Living in Eternity” Memorial is always surrounded with living flowersThe “Alive To Those Living in Eternity” Memorial is always surrounded with living flowers
A carpet-like flower lawn at the foot of the Plate Rolling MillA carpet-like flower lawn at the foot of the Plate Rolling Mill